In Conjunction with 5th 3PGCIC-2010 Conference


With the fast development of Internet and other new technologies, different types of networks, paradigms and platforms of distributed computation are emerging as new forms of the computation in the new millennium. Among these paradigms and technologies, Grid, P2P and networks ad-hoc systems are among most important. One of the main targets behind these technologies and paradigms is, from the scientific perspective, to enable the solution of very complex problems of the denominated family of eScience problems that arise in different branches of science, engineering and the industry. An important line of research in this context is the simulation and modeling. Simulation is an essential tool in these new computational systems in order to implement and evaluate different algorithms, resolution techniques and applications before deployment in a real system. Simulation and modelling allow thus to conceive, develop and analyze in a controlled and economic way application prototypes that can be later deployed in real environments.

The aim of this workshop is to present innovative researches, methods and techniques related to Simulation, Modelling and Performance Evaluation in Emergent Computational Systems.