International Journal of Web and Grid Services  (IJWGS)


Special Issue on

New Advances and Challenges in 
Web, Grid and P2P Computing

Submission deadline: July 2nd, 2007

The International Journal of Web and Grid Services  (IJWGS) will publish a Special Issue on New Advances and Challenges in Web, Grid and P2P Computing. This special issue follows 
The 21st IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA2007) ( held at Niagara-Falls from 
May 21-23, 2007. Paper selection will be exclusively done from accepted papers presented at AINA2007.


Web, Grid and P2P computing technologies have emerged as new paradigms for solving complex problems by enabling large-scale aggregation and sharing of computational, data and other 
geographically distributed resources. Rapid advances are being reported by many researchers and forums as regards understanding numerous issues and challenges in such paradigms, 
from theoretic to application aspects. Moreover, the continuous development of Internet and the construction of new P2P and Grid infrastructures and middleware are making possible 
the development of large scale applications from many fields of science and engineering.
The research topics related to the Web, Grid and P2P computing are recent and are requiring the investigation of many issues such as effective harnessing of Internet connected 
resources, development of new methods and techniques, which offer users a transparent, efficient and secured access to resources, efficient allocation of resources, decentralization and 
self-organization. These issues present nowadays real challenges to the development of large distributed systems and applications. 
The aim of this special issue is to present innovative researches, methods and techniques related to Web, Grid and P2P computing.  The contributions to this SI of IJWGS are expected to 
bring new advances from theory and practice in Web, Grid and P2P computing as well as to state problems and new research challenges to be focused by the research community 
in the near future. The SI papers will be selected based on their originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of exposition. Authors are encouraged to check and make 
references to papers published by IJWGS on related topics to this CFP.
Paper selection will be exclusively done from accepted papers of AINA2007 and therefore they should extend at least 30% new contents of the original paper of AINA2007. 


The aim of the special issue is to select and publish papers that provide new advances and address new problems and challenges from the Web, Grid and P2P Computing paradigms.


We therefore encourage submissions in the following topics:

-         Internet and Web Computing and Applications
-         Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
-         Grid and P2P Infrastructures for Data Storage and Data Mining
-         Middleware for Grid and P2P Systems and Applications
-         Ubiquitous Computing Applications
-         Overlay Networks for P2P Systems
-         Data Intensive and Computing Intensive Applications
-         Scheduling, Resource Discovery and Allocation
-         JXTA-based P2P Applications
-         Large-scale Collaborative Problem Solving Environments
-         Methodology and Practice of Semantic Grid and Web
-         Web and Grid Service-based Applications
-         Virtual Organizations and Enterprise Computing
-         Economics of P2P, Grid and Internet Computing

Instructions to the authors

Submissions should be prepared according to IJWGS  (see Full submission Guidelines for more details). Both Word and LaTeX typesetting are accepted. Please refer to the publisher website at for the template. Articles may be accompanied by appendices containing additional experimental and/or computational data, instructions for obtaining source code, etc.


To submit a paper send the ps or pdf file to (not to the IJWGS editors directly), indicating in the subject Submission to IJWGS Special Issue AINA2007.

Authors of accepted papers will submit both pdf and source documents of the final manuscript as well as a scanned jpg file of the copyright transfer.  


Submission deadline: July 2nd, 2007



Notification of acceptance: October 30th, 2007

Final drafts: November 30th, 2007

The tentative publication volume of the Special Issue in IJWGS is Vol.2 in 2008. Prospective authors are invited to contact the corresponding editor of the SI ahead of time

for any problems in accomplishing the established timeline of this SI.

Further information

Please contact Fatos Xhafa (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain) for further information.


Guest Editors:

 Fatos Xhafa (Corresponding Editor) 
  Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain
Runhe Huang
Hosei University, Japan
Hai Jin
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China