Javier Farreres

Becario FI


Pau Gargallo 5
08028 Barcelona

E-mail: farreres@lsi.upc.es
Telf: 34 3 401 7332
Fax: 34 3 401 7014

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And, who am I? Here you can find a photograph, so you can build your own impression. It was recent when I created this page at November 17th 1995.

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Research special interests:even though I have a lot more things to do with my time, work is a god punishment. So here it comes:
Natural language processing
I am now beginning my thesis. I hope soon there is a room here for a link to it!
This is some subject I have allways been interested in. So, I hope I work on it a bit in my thesis.
Yes, I have also written research papers, so I think my grant is not totally thrown to the waste. In the incredible case someone would want to read such a boring thing, just press here, but there are better things to read..
Non research special interests: Too many. I surely forget some here:
I like sports a lot. I practice some of them, swimming and working out. Some others I practiced and left them, gymnastics, hockey, basketball, taekwondo. Some others I only like to watch them: fooball, tennis.
This is one of my most beloved hobbies. I like playing everything. Any kind of game is good for me as long as money is not in between. I prefer games for several players, as this way I am enjoying with other ones.The only game noone has ever taught me is Bridge. But I know lots of card games, wargames, roleplaying games, computer games.
This is perhaps my most important hobby now, and I hope on the future it will also be. I am now an amateur magician. I enjoy when people is amused with my magic. Here you can see one of my various skills.
Yes. As a good spaniard, I am fond of cooking. I enjoy it, and even when I have lots to learn, I think I do it pretty well.
I have allways liked reading books, but lately I have read philosophy. I recommend "Sophie's World" as an easy to understand introduction to philosophy. I like Herman Hesse, and Nietzche. But I have a lot more to read. And I like also literature, preferently spanish literature. My prefered is Miguel Delibes, a great writer. If you can read spanish, take a look at El Camino, El disputado voto del señor Cayo, Los santos inocentes.
travelling and languages
This goes together for me. I only travel to countries where I know the language. I speak fluent english, not so fluent german, and a bit of arabic. Of course, spanish and catalan, my mother languages also.