Workshop Overview
The need to rapidly develop high quality, complex software continues to drive research in a number of (separate) areas in the software engineering community. For example, software product line development techniques have been of keen interest as means to re-use and tailor technical assets including models (requirements specifications, design), implementation, and test cases. A main focus in this area is to effectively create sets of related products by re-using and tailoring managed assets. Agile development techniques have also been proposed to rapidly develop software by focusing on developing working code; they seek to minimize the amount of documentation, process definition, and model development. It is interesting to note that although the goals of the two techniques have similarities (rapidly develop high quality, complex software), the solutions to realize the goals in the techniques seem to conflict. The theme of this workshop is to probe the following question: Given the similar goals but different foci of agile and product-line development techniques, to what degree can (or should) they be integrated?

The main goals of this workshop are the following:

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